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      Garlic is generally divided into two major catagories:

             HARDNECK             and               SOFTNECK.

      If you find yourself in a supermarket and are curious about whether the garlic you see is a hardneck or softneck variety, feel the top of the whole head. If there is no hard stick in the center you have a softneck variety. Each variety has it's own flavor and cloves from the same head, planted in different places can taste markedly different. Both types can be roasted successfully and although interesting to talk about there is really no need to worry about a particular variety for any recipe you might like to try.

      Fresh Garlic should feel very firm when pressed with your fingers. Try to avoid buying any garlic that is at all soft or is showing any signs of sprouting. You can store garlic in any cool dark place but please do not put it in the refrigerator because it is too cold and moist and we do not recommend ever trying to freeze garlic.

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