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Redneck Wild is available at the following prices:

$16.00 for 1/2 lb.
$20.00 for 1 lb.
$18.00/lb. for 2-20 lbs.
$14.00/lb. for 21-40lbs.

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A truly unique offering, Redneck Wild, is a variety of hardneck garlic that was first offered in 2010. Found “wild” in Klamath County, we believe this is a Rocambole. In an effort to protect the garlic beds, it has been developed from the bulbils. The first generation of normal bulbs showed remarkable SIZE and consistency. “Wild” bulbs contain about 13 large cloves which boast a full flavor that is perfect for cooking. It is a cold weather garlic that has received rave reviews from customers across the nation.

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