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      SOFTNECK varieties are those most commonly found in supermarkets and have the botanical name of allium sativum var. sativum. The reason that you would see these varieties more frequently is that they have a much longer shelf life than the hardneck varieties, they are easier to grow and the beautiful garlic braids are made out of these varieties. You can recognize the softneck varieties by the papery white skin and the abundance of cloves, often forming several layers around the central core.

      Softneck garlic is further broken down in two main types: Silverskin and Artichoke. The Silverskin type is the most common and easiest to grow. We are pleased to be able to offer you two types of silverskin: Silver White and Nootka Rose.

      The Artichoke type is larger, may have fewer but larger cloves and a milder flavor. The bulb wrappers on the artichoke varieties are coarser than the silverskin and may have some purple blotches. Of the artichoke varieties we have: Inchelium Red, Lorz Italian, Red Toch, and California Early.

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